Monday, August 13, 2012


This precious little boy was only seven days old when we did this shoot. He was very cooperative and let us move him in millions of poses! His parents were so relaxed; you would never know this little doll is their first child. Thanks Rachel and Jeff for trusting me with Parker's first shoot!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Miss Anna Kate

Meet Anna Kate...what a doll! 

Her mama, Mary Katherine, was the epitome of patience and grace. 

Here is her, "I know you're there, but if I ignore you, maybe you'll disappear," pose. 

What a great morning! What a great work-out! Now it's time for a much deserved nap!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Debbie and Dick's Christmas Card

Several weeks before Christmas, Debbie asked me to take some shots of the family, i.e. Debbie and her husband, and her two children, Fuzzie and Hemi. It was a pretty day...kind of cloudy, great for picture-taking! I though for sure they would want a traditional, conservative shot. But as the day wore on, both Debbie and I jumped right out of the box into the alley. Who knew? As you scroll down, the last image is the one they chose to be included in their cards. WARNING: prepare yourself.

NOTE TO SELF:  Always have a Christmas wreath in the trunk!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Miss Annaclaire

A year or so ago, I met this little angel, Annaclaire. She was only one month old when I did this shoot. She wasn't sure about what was going on at first, but soon it became clear that posing wasn't as much fun as being held, fed, and rocked to sleep. 

We gave her lots of options for her poses. I really liked the pink hat, but she didn't agree. 

Then her mom, Lauren, tried another option. 

She seemed to like it a little better, but I think she was just going along to get along. It looks to me like she's thinking, "if I just lay here and not move, maybe they'll go away and mom will come and rescue me."

The peek-a-boo ploy didn't work. We had other plans: the family shot.

Annaclaire had to be calmed down.  We HAD to get that shot. Lauren took charge and, voila, done! No more tears!

Here's a few images of the family. 

Oops, we forgot Ellie! 

Here she is. Much better.

After a long morning in front of the camera, grandmother, Julie, helped  lure her to never, neverland. Sweet dreams, Annaclaire, you are a precious child.


I love this image. I'm thinking that this one will show up down the at a rehearsal party!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rida and Garrett...The Experiment

Several years ago, Rida, a long-time friend, volunteered to be my model for a class that I was taking. Her darling daughter, Garrett, and family pet, Frankie, were also going to be included. 

Rida did everything I asked. Garrett was dressed, fed, and ready for what turned out to be a marathon session. 

We started in her home with some cute shots of Garrett crawling all over the place. Rida and I were both crouching, stretching, begging and pleading, trying to get her to slow down long enough to get THE SHOT. 

After Garrett became used to the camera clicking in her face, we went for a walk. But before we left, Rida changed her into another cute outfit. Garrett wasn't pleased, but she soon adjusted and out we went. In between eating pine straw and watching the garbage truck, Rida was able to get her attention and I began clicking! I love this shot.

Needing a break and a snack (us, not Garrett), we walked back to the house where I was able to include Frankie, the pet, into the shots. 

Thanks, Rida. I had a wonderful time getting to know Garrett. I look forward to many, many more sessions. Don't tell Garrett...shhhhh.