Thursday, January 12, 2012

Miss Annaclaire

A year or so ago, I met this little angel, Annaclaire. She was only one month old when I did this shoot. She wasn't sure about what was going on at first, but soon it became clear that posing wasn't as much fun as being held, fed, and rocked to sleep. 

We gave her lots of options for her poses. I really liked the pink hat, but she didn't agree. 

Then her mom, Lauren, tried another option. 

She seemed to like it a little better, but I think she was just going along to get along. It looks to me like she's thinking, "if I just lay here and not move, maybe they'll go away and mom will come and rescue me."

The peek-a-boo ploy didn't work. We had other plans: the family shot.

Annaclaire had to be calmed down.  We HAD to get that shot. Lauren took charge and, voila, done! No more tears!

Here's a few images of the family. 

Oops, we forgot Ellie! 

Here she is. Much better.

After a long morning in front of the camera, grandmother, Julie, helped  lure her to never, neverland. Sweet dreams, Annaclaire, you are a precious child.


I love this image. I'm thinking that this one will show up down the at a rehearsal party!

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