Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rida and Garrett...The Experiment

Several years ago, Rida, a long-time friend, volunteered to be my model for a class that I was taking. Her darling daughter, Garrett, and family pet, Frankie, were also going to be included. 

Rida did everything I asked. Garrett was dressed, fed, and ready for what turned out to be a marathon session. 

We started in her home with some cute shots of Garrett crawling all over the place. Rida and I were both crouching, stretching, begging and pleading, trying to get her to slow down long enough to get THE SHOT. 

After Garrett became used to the camera clicking in her face, we went for a walk. But before we left, Rida changed her into another cute outfit. Garrett wasn't pleased, but she soon adjusted and out we went. In between eating pine straw and watching the garbage truck, Rida was able to get her attention and I began clicking! I love this shot.

Needing a break and a snack (us, not Garrett), we walked back to the house where I was able to include Frankie, the pet, into the shots. 

Thanks, Rida. I had a wonderful time getting to know Garrett. I look forward to many, many more sessions. Don't tell Garrett...shhhhh.

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